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Meet our team of dedicated staff who are here to assist you with questions about the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry® (AACD).

AACD Executive Office Staff Directory

Barbara Kachelski, MBA, CAE
Executive Director
Maureen Braatz
Executive Assistant
Lisa Weber

Director of Credentialing

Professional Education
Shane Walsh
Director of Professional Education
Kimberly Hollenbeck

Credentialing Manager

William Jenkins

Video Editor/Camera Operator

Information Technology
Milo Beckler

Information Systems Manager

Susan Grigsby

Conferences and Meetings Manager

Lisa Bollenbach

Database Specialist

Erica Meganck, MBA

Business Development Manager

Tracy Skenandore

Director of Publications

Sarah Dopf
Communications Specialist
Denise Sheriff

Editorial Coordinator

Dana J. Murn

Membership Manager

AACD Charitable Foundation
(Give Back A Smile Program)
Lisa Fitch, CAE

Director of Charitable Foundation

Rebecca Kalin

Administrative Assistant

Darcy Lyons

Foundation Case Manager

Operations & Finance
Kathryn Hill, CPA

Director of Finance

Carolyn Madaus

Staff Accountant